Long Spin
Long Spin
Long Spin

Breath care is an etiquette.
Annoying the bad breath from the mask.
Bottles are bulky, so one dose should be enough.
Large bottles need a separate cup.
As well as need a place to put the cap.
If only one dose, if only for one day use,
it is able to carry with cosmetic pouch.
Need it for the good effects and benefit even if it is for single-use.

This is the Mouthwash
Long Spin

Particular about Product

In recent years, awareness of oral care has been increasing in Japan as well as in Europe and the United States.
Furthermore, the idea of "self-care", in which you manage your own health, is becoming more widespread.

Because we are a manufacturer of preventive oral care products for amenity and dental clinics,
the mouthwash "Long Spin ®" was born, which is a fusion of the two technologies.

Feel free to take oral care anytime, anywhere.
Easy to carry + medicated ingredient.

A quasi-drug mouthwash that is expected to be effective even with single-use amenities.
We are particular about everything from


Size fits in the hand.
A cup-shaped that makes it easy to open the film and put it in your mouth.
A soft but solid container,
Put it in your pouch, bag, or pocket.
Breath refreshing and oral care whenever you are interested.

Made in Japan, Quasi-drug
Medicated Mouthwash

"Long Spin®" combines the preventive oral care required in a dental clinic with the delicate hospitality cultivated over many years in hotel amenities.

We are particular about raw materials, ingredients, and manufacturing methods, and carry out integrated production at our own factory in Japan. Utilizing the mellow Japanese water, it also contains the medicinal ingredients CPC and Xylitol.

It is a trusted brand that has been adopted by famous luxury hotels and inns in Japan and overseas, as well as airlines, restaurants and clubs, and dental clinics. Furthermore, in recent years, the demand from general customers has increased.

Medicated Ingredient CPC
Fast-acting, Long-term Effect

Medicated ingredient CPC is Cetylpyridinium Chloride, which is a fast and long-acting sterilizer that is added to mouthwashes, troches, wet tissues, and pharmaceuticals for the purpose of sterilization.
It has a bactericidal action against fungi (mold, etc.) and especially staphylococci, and is expected to have a bactericidal effect against periodontal disease bacteria, which is the main cause of bad breath.

Long Spin

EffectsPreventing bad breath / Cleaning the mouth / Refreshing the mouth
Long Spin X
  • Long Spin XPortion Type
  • Long Spin XStick Type

Long Spin ROSE

EffectsPreventing bad breath / Cleaning the mouth / Refreshing the mouth
Long Spin ROSE
  • Long Spin ROSEPortion
  • Long Spin ROSE StickStick Type

Long Spin ZERO

Non-Alcohol/Citrus Mint
EffectsPreventing bad breath / Cleaning the mouth / Refreshing the mouth /Preventing gingival inflammation / Preventing the development and progression of dental caries / Whitening teeth*
*by brushing
Long Spin ZERO
  • Long Spin ZEROPortion
  • Long Spin ZERO StickStick Type